Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Santa Maria, California, United PARADYNE is a global supplier in the government and commercial aerospace sector principally engaged in operations and engineering support related to fuel (unconventional and conventional), metrology services, aerospace ground equipment (AGE) operations and maintenance, Transient Alert (TA), payload processing services, life support, and environmental compliance support services.
Our management approach and business philosophies incorporate ethics, trust, honesty and open communication with our employees and customers. United PARADYNE is led by President and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Hasay.

United PARADYNE’s corporate leadership team includes:


Joseph J. Hasay
President and Chief Executive Officer

Joseph Hasay is one of the original founders of United PARADYNE Corporation in 1995.

Under his leadership at United PARADYNE Corporation the company has continued to grow and expand its expertise. Most recently, he has succeeded in forming a partnering relationship to develop a space launch complex for the Cyclone 4M launch vehicle in Canso, Nova Scotia. This promises to take the Company into its next stage of evolution.

Before joining United PARADYNE, Mr. Hasay worked at Jacobs Services Company, Northrop Electronics Systems Division, Lockheed Aeronautical Systems and Lockheed Space Operations Company.

Joe has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health from West Chester University.

Arturo Ortega
Director of Finance

In his role as Director of Finance, Arturo Ortega is responsible for all contracts and financial matters, including profit and loss reporting, balance sheet, and cash management.

Arturo joined United PARADYNE in 2018. Arturo has over 30 years of experience in contracts and financial management roles working in the defense manufacturing industry with various companies including Teledyne and Raytheon.

Mr. Ortega has a B.S. in Accounting from California State University and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Dan Aldridge
Program Manager

Dan Aldridge has been with United PARADYNE Corporation for 12 plus years and serves as Program Manger on our largest contract and provides Technical Support in propellant management and satellite fueling.

Before joining us Dan worked for such companies as InDyne Inc., Raytheon ESD, and Fleet Analysis Center (DOD).  He has a diverse background working with propellants, cryogenics, missile systems, life support equipment, helium storage and transfer, and Project Engineering and Management in the aerospace/rocket industry.

Mr. Aldridge attended California State University Fresno where he holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering.

Teresa Alarcio
Vice President, Administration

Teresa is the Vice President of Administration and serves on UPC’s board of directors.  She is responsible for providing the company’s Human Resources, Labor Relations, Compensation and Benefits, and Security initiatives.

Teresa joined United PARADYNE in 2007 and has 20 years of experience in human resources and security operations. Teresa worked for Lockheed Martin as a Human Resources Business Partner and Labor Relations Specialist primarily supporting the IS&GS Payload Launch Site Support Services (PLSSS) contract as well as other defense contracts. She also worked for Seagate Technology where she held various HR positions involving overseas operations.

Teresa earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration and her MBA both from La Verne University, California.