Aerospace & Commercial

Fuel Services

United PARADYNE has earned a solid reputation as a manager and provider of rocket fuels, aircraft fuels, and the associated bulk fuel storage management of commodities such as hydrazines, oxidizers, cryogenics, pneumatics, and jet fuels.  United PARADYNE has been providing these high-risk services for over 20 years and our safety record is unprecedented in the industry with an accident/injury rate well below the national average.

  • Rocket Fueling – United PARADYNE provides unconventional fuels operations to support both governmental and commercial launch customers. United PARADYNE has provided rocket fuel services each year to 51% of our nations space lift missions.
  • Aviation Refuel and De-Fuel Operations, including “hot” gas (aircraft running, rotors turning) and “cold” gas (parked aircraft, tied down) for refuel operations. United PARADYNE owns and maintains a fleet of modern fuel trucks.
  • Cryogenics (LOX/LH2/LN2/LHe) Management, Engineering, Operations and Maintenance
  • Pressurants (GOX/GH2/GN2/GHe/Breathing Air/Argon/Xenon) Management, Engineering, Operations and Maintenance
  • Bulk Fuels Storage (A-50/MMH/NTO/MON-1/MON-3/Jet Fuels) Management, Engineering, Operations and Maintenance
  • HPH (High Purity Hydrazine)
  • Containerized Storage (various sized fuel and oxidizer propellants in vertical and horizontal cylinders)
  • Fuel Distribution, Sampling and Analysis – Tankers/Barges; Trucks; Pipeline
  • Fuel Terminal  Maintenance and Operations

Metrology / PMEL Services

United PARADYNE provides corporate program and quality management, site management, and all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, and supervision for the calibration and repair of Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE).  Our PMEL Technicians ensure measurement traceability of the TMDE to the appropriate standards to ensure the reliability and accuracy of systems, subsystems and equipment.

Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) Operations and Maintenance Support Services

Ensuring the arrivals and departures of transitory aircraft, is a key component to our fueling services.  Our Transient Aircraft and Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) Maintenance Technicians provide the pilots and air crew with requested equipment such as air and heating units, power units and nitrogen carts.  Transient Aircraft also refuels aircraft and performs pre-flight, thru-flight and post flight inspections to ensure aircraft safety.  A large part of the AGE Maintenance operation is the AGE shop where we ensure all the service equipment is maintained to high standards – we focus heavily on maintenance prevention which saves our customers costs.

Payload Processing Support

United PARADYNE provides payload processing support to its government and commercial customers.  Support is provided internationally at processing facilities world-wide.  The effort may include fabricating, testing and qualifying hardware; implementing Ground Safety processes; and conducting Process Hazard Analysis (PHAs), Preliminary Design Reviews (PDRs), Critical Design Reviews (CDRs), Readiness Reviews (SRRs), and the development of required documentation.

Payload Propellant Support Functions

  • Propellant logistics (procurement, transportation, sampling and analysis)
  • Hazardous operations procedure development and Safety Data Package submittals
  • Integrated propulsion system leak and functional testing
  • Spacecraft propellant loading services (mono-propellant, bi-propellant, xenon)
  • Valet SCAPE Support
  • Spacecraft leak test and pressurization
  • Contingency/Emergency propellant offload
  • Decontamination services

Other Support Functions Provided

  • Mission unique GSE design fabrication and qualification testing
  • Life Support Equipment
    • Breathing Air Support
  • Engineering Support
  • Hazardous Operations Security (HOS) support services

United PARADYNE knows its products and services and utilizes its knowledge and expertise to support and work with its customers to figure out ways we can innovate and provide best value in meeting their goals and objectives without compromising safety and operational efficiencies.